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City of Fallen Angels, or the book that made me pull my hair---a lot.

City of Fallen Angels  - Cassandra Clare

It has been more than a year since I've read the preceding book and honestly, I was not looking forward to reading this 4th instalment. Why? I was quite satisfied with the way the things ended on the third book. I thought it was enough, although when Sebastian's body didn't turn out, I had a pretty good idea who the villain would be on the next trilogy. So, here comes the 4th book which I could pretty much say, I dreaded reading.


The verdict: Oh, it was DREADFUL. Har-har.


Seriously though, as the title of this blog-slash-book-reaction suggests, I wanted to get drunk while reading this. Too bad I don't drink. I actually formulated a drinking game based on the book. Let me share this:


The City of Fallen Angels Drinking Game:


Ø Drink 2 shots every time you read about Jace's angles, or how sharp his face looked like, or the protruding bones of his face.

Ø Drink 2 shots (to be fair) every time you read about Clary's admiration on Jace's perfect physique. This book should also be called the "Jace Lightwood Appreciation Book".

Ø Drink 3 shots every time you read about Clary's insecurities, when obviously she's as pretty as they make it. Really. Can't we have a heroine who isn't completely oblivious to their good looks? I hate it when girls from books thinks they're ugly when everyone around them tell them differently. Seriously. Don't they own a mirror? Be confident about yourself.

Ø On the other hand, drink 3 shots every time you read about Jace boasting on his good looks.

Ø Drink 2 shots every time Clary thinks she doesn't deserve Jace. Okay. I get that Jace is so gorgeous for his own good…or that he's probably the greatest Shadowhunter of all time (which I beg to disagree), but Clary don't need to feel that she doesn't deserve Jace because of that. Clary is supposed to be brave, and loving, and kind. Those are enough qualities to deserve any man out there. Heck, being a good person is enough to deserve anyone.

Ø Drink 3 shots every time Jace thinks Clary isn't for her. This is even worse. Jace thinks he doesn't deserve Clary because he might hurt her. Blech. I hate this. I really, really, really do. This is so clichéd. It's not as if YOU (Jace, I mean) wanted to hurt her on your own accord. You know that. We all know that. So please stop doubting yourself, it's getting into my poor nerves.

Ø Drink 2 shots every time Jace and Clary push-out one another then drink 2 shots when they kiss and make-out afterwards.

Ø DRINK 5 SHOTS every time you READ on HOW Jace and Clary's LOVE for each other is SOOOOO SPESHUL. PLEASE. Gag. Gag. Gag.



That sounded so negative, but this book also has good points too.

What made this book good?


1. Simon. I have always loved Simon so it wasn't surprising when I enjoyed reading the parts about him.
2. Maia and Jordan. Oh, the scene on the end part was cute.
3. Izzy. Probably my favorite character. Kicked-ass as always.
4. Magnus Bane and Alec. Do I even need to elaborate?
5. Camille. Intriguing. Now I need to read the Infernal Devices.
6. Queen of the Seelie Court, how I love thee? I like characters who does their bitchiness with sass---especially if that bitchiness is directed towards Clary. LOL

As for the plot---hmmm, kinda predictable, to be honest, except the Lilith part. Would still read the next book though, even just to find out what happens next with Izzy and Simon and Maia and Jordan and Magnus and Alec and Camille, of course.