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Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1) - Book Reaction

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1) - George R.R. Martin


It was January when I first attempted to read this book, sadly, I must have been insane that time when all I have only finished was the prologue and decided to let the eBook sleep on my reader. Not that the prologue wasn't captivating. It was. I just thought the book was too long, blah-bleeping-blah. Excuses. Anyways. Come November, my birthday month. I was thinking of celebrating it the way I did last year~~~by reading my favourites. But then, I thought, what the heck. I should finish reading the Game of Thrones as some sort of a birthday gift to myself. Most of my friends were raving about the TV Series so I've decided to find out what all the hype is all about. And so the beginning of one of the most exciting journey of my life, my journey to Westeros…


CHARACTERS - Freakin' five stars. (*****)


It's hard to find a book where you can almost love all of its characters, villains included, and this series is brimming with colourful characters which you can love or (try to) hate.


Take the Starks, you have Ned Stark, an honourable lord and a loving father; Catelyn, caring mother, faithful wife, strong woman; My goodness. It would take all day to enumerate the great qualities of every part of the Stark family. Though my favourite Stark (or should I say Starks) of all was Arya. Brilliant girl. Brave. And JON. Please forgive me for saying this; I don't care if Jon and Arya are siblings, they look so good together (at least in my mind, I haven't seen the TV series…yet) and I meant that ROMANTICALLY.


Now the Lannisters. Of course, Jaime and Cersei are hateful. At least I tried hating them, but I found the attempt unsuccessful. See, even Ned Stark tried to justify what they did and even gave Cersei a chance. But Joffrey?! Naah! Him, I abhor. He totally deserved what Arya did to him. What a wimp! Even his grandfather thought so.

Tyrion Lannister was a different story. He IS a favorite from the very beginning. Even when Catelyn Stark "arrested" him, I knew he was innocent. He's not exactly kind, but he's not too bad either.


The Targaryens: Viserys. Vile. Cruel. Obnoxious. Totally deserved what happened to him. Daenerys. I loved. She totally kicked some ass. Especially on the last part. And her first night will Khal Drogo was a favorite.


Character I would totally bitch-slap: Petyr Baelish (you don't deserve the Lord).


Character that I would give a bear hug (aside from the aforementioned characters above): the Dancer,  Arya's trainer. 


PLOT/STORYLINE: Oooh, give it a FIVE! (*****)


Of course it's a five.

World building: CHECK. Twists and turns: CHECK. Solid plot: CHECK.

Creating a whole new word is no easy feat, that much I can tell. Westeros is just so rich of detail, it's amazing. Yes, when people say this series is EPIC. Believe that cause there is just no other way to describe it.

No wonder this was turned into a TV Series. It is THAT good.

The relationship among the characters.

The deceptions. The secrets.

The romance angles.

"Oh, the things we do for love" ~ Probably the best line to describe this book.

Everything that happened in this book was because of love.

May it be for family, for honour, for power.

It was love that killed; that endured; that lived. (Jeez)



This is like a fairy tale for adults; complete with kingdoms, knights, princesses, monsters, and dragons. But THIS is NO BEDTIME Story. Unless you want nightmares. It's a fairy tale for adults. No sugar-coated bullshits. If Martin wants to kill his character, he killed it without considering its possible effects to the sanity of the reader. So, an advice for those who haven’t read it yet. Don't EVER choose a favourite character (THAT IS SO HARD, MIND YOU), unless you want to end up with a broken heart (LIKE ME). please don't kill Jon and Arya, please, please, pretty please, with chocolate toppings on top



ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: Damn, a 6? (*****)


Sometimes, you just have to put it down to get some air. Every chapter was a heart-stopping chapter.

Sometimes, you just have to stop reading because everything is just so intense, and you kinda want to know what happens next or just stop it for a while because you're afraid that on the next chapter one of the characters which you absolutely loved might be dead.


If you want some sleepless night, this book is the perfect choice.

It sure would keep you up all night, turning the pages, and in the morrow, you wouldn't regret even a wink of your sleep.

Though, I think that this book is best taken on small doses. Too much emotional assault isn't good for the heart. You get too attached with a character, on the next chapter, it's dead.


So, there's a lot of fight scenes too. For those who likes those physical stuffs, though I prefer the one-liners.

This book has Tyrion Lannister, he's enough to get five stars for entertainment value.



A Game Of Thrones, Season 1: On its way.


Life is just so great.

Now, how I wish I get 240 hours a day.