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I sleep with a different book every night.
The Bone Season  - Samantha Shannon

I guess I'm still in some sort of hangover.

The Cover
I'm sorry, but I think it didn't do justice to the whole book.
Honestly, no matter how much people say to not just the book with its cover, sometimes, you just can't help. So yeah, I almost missed this one because it looked boring.

Honestly, I kinda get what all the hype on this book is all about.
It got solid world building.Great imagination you have there Samantha Shannon.-t
Likable characters. Hello Paige, hello Nick.
Intriguing story line.
Fast-paced action scenes.
A little bit of humor.

So why the 3 stars?
truthfully, I also don't know.
maybe it has something to do with the complexity of the story.
some kind of information overload.
there are a lot of things that i have to remember,
the order of the clairvoyant, their classification, etc. etc. etc.
the name of the places,
seriously, can't Samantha Shannon create a character which doesn't have a unique sounding name?
would that lessen the beauty of her book?

one of those things that usually turns me off.
all the time i was reading the book, i keep on anticipating where the love interest would appear and where the love story would start, and boy, thank goodness it isn't insta-love. 

from the very beginning, Arcturus Mesarthim (a.k.a. Warden) intrigued me.
the man is made up of mystery,
and i'm just so happy about him and Paige,
somehow I had the feeling that it would end up into something like that.
you don't spend day and night with someone, save their lives without having even a little amount of feelings.


The Rephaim.
Seven Seals.

There is so much more to learn in this book, and since this series is supposed to have seven books in it, I just hope that it could maintain, or even exceed the hype. 

P.S. What's with the number SEVEN? Seven seals. Seven dials. Seven Orders. The series have Seven books too. Oh well.