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The Fall of Five  - Pittacus Lore

crying blood and tears because of that ending 

sometimes, this series don't feel like a series at all but a really-really-really long book divided into parts, what with all the cliffhanger endings?

i'll probably give this book a 4 if not for that heartbreaking ending?
eight? seriously?

Four: Still great, his smooching with Sarah still pisses me off though, even if Sarah learned how to fight and all. I don't know. I just find it really annoying.
Six: My favorite Garde. Gahd. Bad-ass.
Nine: Next to Six, Nine is my favorite. Gotta love his devil-may-care attitude and his love for violence (against the Mogs, at least)
Eight and Marina: I just love this couple. Also, I loved Marina's character development.
Ella: that comment from her about possibly marrying Nine almost cracked me up.
Five: I wish I could kill that bastard myself.

I'm just happy that Sam and his Dad are finally reunited. As well as the Garde. Phew. Unfortunately, the end is coming near and I bet that more interesting characters would end up dying, so better be prepared for that.