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Something Strange and Deadly (Something Strange and Deadly #1) - Susan Dennard Something strange and deadly is happening at Philadelphia....

This book is all kinds of....


Oh Steampunk, how I love thee?

The past and the present converged into one. Parasols, machinery, and zombies. Okay, this book has ZOMBIES (known here as the DEAD). I mean, ZOMBIES (whatevs haf -t) which I absolutely hate. They're ICKY! Ugh, so gross. I don't really like picturing out those scenes with the DEAD. I just can't. *shudders*

Moving on with the MAIN characters. Eleanor; simply adorable. Girl, I admire your courage and spirit. Never mind your curiosity, it hasn't got you killed...yet (loljk). Daniel; *dreamy eyes* Boy. I like men who loves to tinker. Joseph and Jie; two characters that made this book more interesting. I'd sure love to be part of the Spirit-Hunters.

The story. Kinda predictable to be honest. Especially the necromancer part. But at least it was action packed. I bet this would make into a great movie, just make the zombies look cuter and less gross (hehe).

The end? Bittersweet, and absolutely FITTING.