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Adorkable - Sarra Manning Definitely Adorable!


Sweet. Sassy. Quirky. Funny. Crazy.

I'm half-crazy and I love crazy things and this book definitely screams CRAZY (not in a bad way). Very, very refreshing.

Jeane Smith, I love her for embracing herself. She is that someone whom I'll always want to be, and will always be afraid to be. People are usually scared to express themselves due to the reaction of the other people surrounding them, and sometimes, this causes us to hide some parts of our selves which we think wouldn't be acceptable to the environment and society that we are in. I like her because she's not afraid to be different, even though I must admit that I was kinda annoyed with her I'm-better-than-most-people-because-I'm-cool-and-you're-not attitude. In a way, it may be true, but she doesn't need to rub it in my face. You know, that I'm part of the general crowd. Aside from that, I enjoyed reading her dorkiness, she made me want to unleash the inner dork in me.

Michael Lee, Oh Michael Lee. I'm at a loss for words. I had a hard time figuring you out. Maybe because you have that Y chromosome. Boys are hard to understand as well, not just us. He's sweet, and then he suddenly turns into a jerk, and then he totally does something that would make my heart melt.

There is really something about a book that takes the "he says, she says" tone. Gives you the feelings and perspective of both the characters involved, allowing you to understand further their relationship. Besides, with characters as interesting as Jeane and Michael, having a peek on their perspective gives me the enjoyment I crave.

Their love story is as crazy as their personalities. From total indifference, to mutual physical/sexual attraction, to sweet gooey filled feelings for each other. Add in their crazy family and friends and you have a keeper. Maybe because I had read some part of it on Valentines Day, (and you don't know how important a book is on V-day to someone who spends it with her pillow) but I absolutely fell in love with it. Dang! This is my first Sarra Manning and I am looking forward to reading some of her books.