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Love? Maybe

Love? Maybe - Heather Hepler Did I liked it?


After reading about one-third of the book did I just finally caught up with the plot. I think the plot development was slow. Like the important things started happening on the middle.

I liked all the characters, except Piper. I don't dislike her though. It's because I see a part of myself on her. The cynical part. The realist part, which isn't really a good thing. Honestly, what is life without a dash of romance? B-O-R-I-N-G. But there is this tinie-tiny-part of me who believes that LOVE is an absolute No-No. It's like giving someone the permission to hurt you. Not all of me believes that though, the other half believes in happy endings and fairy tales.

Back to the book, hmmm. I thought Charlie was cute, I would've loved to put him in my pocket. Wasn't really smitten with Ben Donovan (Yes, complete name) though. He sounded pretty much ordinary. And yeah, I hated Piper with her Am-I-the-girl-insert-whatever-here questions. Annoying.

I just wish there was more about Jillian and Jeremy. Theirs is my preferred type of love story. What a shame.

And I just realized, I missed a lot of things in life, Ha-ha. Like dating in high school. I mean, it isn't really an important thing, but it's fun (based on what I've read), and I missed all of that. This book makes me regret not experiencing those kind of things, but only a little because looking back to it, I would never spend my teenage years the other way around. I've had fun, just the different kind.

For this book? Hmmm. Probably not suited for my current age. Dang. Because it made me feel old too. Like really-really old. HaHa. That statement would make anyone think that I'm too old already. Oh, life.