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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Robert Louis Stevenson I'd give it 5 for brilliance. What (or who) I hated was Henry Jekyll.

I enjoyed the part of the book where it explored the duality of man. But I also felt that it was, sort of, unfair.
See, Edward Hyde, devil incarnate, is pure evil. While Dr. Jekyll which is the other persona isn't exactly the opposite/other side of Hyde. In actuality, Hyde is part of Dr. Jekyll. I don't even think that Jekyll represents what is good and righteous. He is weak and selfish, which doesn't really differ him from Hyde. In fact, he IS WORSE than Hyde. At least Hyde doesn't have a choice except to do evil deeds, because he was made to be LIKE that. He WAS evil personified. On the other hand, Dr. Jekyll had a choice, but he still chose to let out the evil creature. I think he was blinded by his brilliance. I hated him for that. I don't think I have any sympathy for him.

I am still at a loss with regards to the ending. Did Hyde really committed suicide? Or did Jekyll found a way to get through him? How?

Anyways. It was good. T'was short. Would recommend this for a weekend read.