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Wallbanger  - Alice Clayton image

Definitely deserved that Pikachu gif.
Because it's cute, fun, and sexy. Not that Pikachu is sexy, but I think Pikachu is cuddly, the same thing I felt for this book.

Does it really deserve the 5 stars I'm giving it?
In some circumstances, maybe not, I mean, it's not really an important literary product, but I liked the book, I enjoyed reading the characters, it made me laugh, and what's the point of reading a fictional material of you don't get entertained?!

It's February, the love month, and I enjoyed the romance and the witty, and sexy banter between Caroline and Simon. Add in their fun friends in the mix, and you have something that would surely help you last the love month alone. LOL.

At first, I thought this one was erotica, but it wasn't, not really. Mild maybe, but for me it was more of a chicklit-kind-of-book, which are my guilty pleasures, thus the 5 stars. Anyways, I think it has been a long time since I've read this (around 2 weeks ago), and I cannot really recall the exact reactions I had after reading this except that I had fun all throughout the book. I also couldn't left this one out without giving it a piece because I feel I owe as much. Weird me.