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Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies - William Golding The book that took me forever to finish.
It's not even bad, it's just a little bit creepy.

I mean, I already know that this world is mad, and the people are mad, but this one, woah, they're just kids.

I felt sorry for Ralph, but more for Simon and Piggy.
Jack is strong, but yeah, stupid,
Roger, now you have a true psycho. This guy, is evil. Nyahahaha.
Really though, I find him the creepiest. Like you'll never know what he'll do next. You just don't know what goes around in that little brain of his.

All in all, I guess I enjoyed it. I think what took it so long for me to finish was that, it made me scared of what might happen next. It's not easy to read about kids trying to kill each other you know? Even if they don't really mean it.