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Etiquette & Espionage  - Gail Carriger image

Dear Steampunk, you might become one of my favorite genre. Too close.

I can never resist books about lady spies...or lady intelligencers as they like to call it. I am attracted by the idea of a finishing school where they also teach another type of "finishing". I liked Sophronia, really, with a name like that, who wouldn't like her?! She is as likable (and weird) as her name.

I would've preferred if they also focused more on their lessons, I thought it would've added some sort of entertainment. I am kinda new to the Steampunk genre, and I'm still adjusting, but as far as this book is concerned, I'm liking it so far.

I like it that this book doesn't really take a serious note. Like it was written for pure, unadulterated, fun. Which of course makes you enjoy the book while reading. I like it when a book doesn't stress me that much, especially if it's YA. And though there's a little bit something going on between Sophronia and Soap, I like the fact that romance was kinda toned down. But...I think there will be something in the future in store for the, uhm, Piston boy, which was involved in the end part, the one who have seen Sophronia.

All in all. It was a lightweight read, but FUN nevertheless. Makes me wanna read her other series, the Parasol Protectorate (something like that).

P.S. Wouldn't it be better if their SEDUCTION class were described as well? A little bit knowledge on that part wouldn't hurt, ayt?