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Dance of the Red Death  - Bethany Griffin

Okay. So that was it!

I wished that Bethany stopped on the first.
I get the importance of the party scene. I've read the original Poe, but how I wished she just fitted that one on the first book. This second book just left me miserable.

At the first book, I love the goth feel.
Araby and Elliot's somehow twisted relationship was just right for me.

This book....was disappointing.
Trying to finish it was a chore. It was a "for the love of Poe, let's just get this over and done with". Somehow, the magic of the first book got lost, what with the love triangle in almost every corner. Seriously. This book is full of Araby being confused between Will and Elliot, it's annoying.
Honestly, if it was me, there wouldn't be a contest. It's Elliot. And I don't care of he's twisted, or if he's in love with power more than Araby. I don't know. I never really liked Will.


To be honest, it was April and Kent who made me endure this book up to the end. I wished this book were just about them. They're very refreshing characters.
So, yeah...I'm thankful that this series only had two books...not that I'm all smiles-and-laughters with the ending. Far from it. I just don't want this to get worse.


"We are the children of murderers, abandonded by our fathers. We do things others wouldn't dream of. But here in this garden, we can forget.

So I take off my mask and kiss him.


And he kisses me back. All of his intensity and all of my own yearning seem to twine between us."


Because I'm Team Elliot up to the end.