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Born Wicked  - Jessica Spotswood This is NOT a book review. This is a Finn Belastra appreciation post (loljk).

Ok, what I don't like about this book?
Ummm. Cate?!
Coz I can't figure her out. I am so confused by her character, and sometimes, she's too damn annoying. Among the Cahill sisters, Tess seems to be the most reasonable, and tolerable. Maura's temper is just too much for me, and Cate's over-protectiveness (though it's for her sisters' safety) sets me on the edge.

Brother Ishida and the whole Brotherhood is just, eeek! They are kinda creepy.
And the Sisterhood? No better.

What I LIKED about it?
Sachi. I adore her, so much. It would've been better if she was the lead. Haha. She's cunning, and beautiful, and confident.

Finn. Finn Belastra. Maybe the biggest reason why I was able to finish this book. Honestly, I was only looking forward to the scenes involving him. I want someone who looks at me like they'd do murder for me too. Cate Cahill is so lucky, and I'm jealous.

I don't know if I'm looking forward to the next book, maybe. Just to find out what happened to Finn. And I'm also looking forward to meet Zara. I wish she can be an active part of the series.