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Fallen  - Lauren Kate This book (or maybe the whole series) isn't for me.


Deep breath. As much as I want to rant, I wouldn't...Uhm, or maybe I would.

The line in the description that says this book tells us "the ultimate love story" is a sham. That statement is an insult to Shakespeare, Austen, Bronte and all those other authors who have written some of the best love stories.

I must admit, the plot was intriguing and very promising. However, the characters brought this book down.

Luce Price is just so damn annoying and even Daniel Grigori.

Luce was supposed to be very SMART and KIND, but I've never found any sign of her being SMART...or of her being kind. Ah, of course, with Penn? That wasn't KINDNESS for me, THAT was HUMANITY. Fine, I'd say this. The girl really pisses me off. I'm sorry but that's the truth. As what Miss Sophia said, she is nothing more than she appeared to be: “a stupid, selfish, ignorant and spoiled little girl who thinks the world live or dies on whether she gets to go out with some good-looking boy at school.” Miss Sophia couldn't have phrased it better.

Daniel? That guy is a big NO-NO! When he flipped Luce the first time he saw her, he definitely lost a million points in my hotness meter. I don't care what his reason was, that was very ungentlemanly of him. Besides, if he really loved Luce, how can he even afford to do that? He should've just left or something. No need for the bird.

But there were characters which I really-really-really liked *chirpy voice*, Like Penn, Arianne, Gabbe, Cam, and of course, my favorite: Miss Sophia. They sure made the book tolerable. And for the record, I don't think Luce deserve to be with Cam...even with Daniel. That's so MEH!

Most of the parts were very dragging. Except the prologue which of course creates the intrigue, and the part where Miss Sophia was trying to kill Luce. That was the best scene. I should've read the book straight on that part. I think the plot development was slow. Some of the parts seemed like fillers. There was also nothing new about the premises of the story, except the fallen angel thingy. So, even if I am curious about the story, I don't know if I'd still read the next book.

With that, I'll end this with my favorite line from the book. Said by Miss Sophia to Luce;

"... Even if your death wouldn't accomplish something so long-awaited, glorious, and grand, I'd still relish this moment, killing you."