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The Rise of Nine (Lorien Legacies #3) - Pittacus Lore O-kay. Another cliffhanger. Seriously, the whole series looks like ONE really-really-really LONG book.

What to say? I'm HAPPY. Yeah, because FINALLY, they are reunited.


It felt really great reading that part. But, I am also kinda annoyed that Four got reunited with Sarah. I just don't like her. Honestly. The story gets a little bit dramatic (and cheesy) every time she's there.

This book is entitled "Rise of Nine", and even though Nine showed some awesome fighting skills (especially against Four a.k.a. Johnny), it was Six who out shined them all. She showed courage, strength, intelligence, leadership, cunning, uh, almost everything. If there is one from the Garde who is supposed to take the place of Pittacus Lore, it should be Six and no one else. Sorry Four and Nine, feminist here. It's just that in the past three books, it was always SIX who showed so much, uh, potential. She's been consistent at being great. Saving John's ass at the first book, Marina on the second, then tried to take down Setrakus Ra alone on this book. Awesome girl.

We did get to know more about Eight and Nine and I must admit, I am now looking forward to a film adaptation of this book because I am curious (and excited) to find out who would portray them on the big screen. I'm sorry John, but I find Eight and Nine both hotter in different ways. Lezz wait until the novelty wears off. HaHa.

Anyways, Marina and Eight. Cute couple. I think their personality really fit each other. Six and Nine? Hah! I will be looking out for these two. If they end up together, I'm sure their story would be entertaining as hell. They both have strong personalities so things wouldn't be easy for the two of them. That is enough reason to look forward for the next book.

I'm curious about FIVE. Is it a she or a he?
If it's a he, would he be paired of with Ella? (But Ella is still too young). Or would he/she play as a third party to the current pairings?

P.S. And yeah, Setrakus Ra's scars....
Is there some kind of a connection between him and the rest of the Garde?