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Sisters Red  - Jackson Pearce Confusing

To the one who made the cover,


Gorgeous cover.

O-kay. I don't think I have ever been confused on a book. Scarlett and Rosie March. Sisters. Hunters.
Honestly, I'm speechless. I really don't know what to say after reading.
It was good. I liked it. Mostly because of Scarlett.

Between the two, it's hard not to take sides. I understand Rosie's need to have a life aside from being a hunter...and I also get what drives Scarlett to hunt. I think, compared to Rosie, I can relate more with Scarlett. Maybe it has something to do with the age.

Another thing, Rosie and Silas. I am sorry but I am NOT convinced. Rosie falling in love with Silas, yes. Silas falling (deep) for Rosie, no. Let's put it this way, Rosie is sixteen yrs old, Silas is what? 21. Twenty one years old. Been in love with Scarlett (which is 18) since they were young. Actually, he was pretty much in love with Scarlett his entire life. Then he just fell in love with Rosie, just like that?! No. For me it's just impossible. Maybe he really did love Rosie, but I doubt if he could totally get over his feelings for Scarlett.

Fenris. I love the whole idea. In fact, I enjoyed all the hunting stuff. Had it been not for the love angle, I would've finished this book at an earlier date.