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Stealing Parker

Stealing Parker - Miranda Kenneally Read at your own risk. There might be spoilers ahead.


The ending left a crazy grin on my face.
Just my kind of thing.
Not too happy, full of promise.

Parker and Brian.
I kinda hated the Parker-Brian angle.
I never really liked Brian. I thought he was a jerk, and it turned out that he really was a JERK.
I never felt the chemistry between the two of them. Ooopsie.
Their make out sessions, or even just the mild flirting between the two of them makes me feel -uhm- disgusted (?!). I know, I'm exaggerating, but hey...that's what I felt.

Parker and Corndog.
I really had the crazy suspicion from their very first encounter in the book that they'd end up together. I'm cool like that.
I liked how their feelings slowly developed. Kind of cute, actually.

I loved how Parker's character developed throughout the book. Nice one Miranda.

I kinda loved reading Sam, Ty and of course, Jordan again. Revisiting old friends. Haha. xD

All in all. This one was a good read. Though it didn't made me cry, at least it made my heart happy.