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The Bourne Identity (Jason Bourne, #1) - Robert Ludlum At first I was like....


then, afterwards...


I missed reading from this genre.
I absolutely loved it.

Hahay. Excuse me while I...


What a page turner!
I really wanted to finish this one as soon as possible.
I was so tempted to read the ending first before continuing with the whole book (spoiler).

Jason Bourne?
Or should I call him... David Webb?!

Honestly, I have this secret dream to be an assassin.
I just thought it was cool.
So I kinda admired Bourne (I'd call him that) for his skills. I want skills like that.

I must admit though that I have not understood the whole premise of the book. It may be that I don't have any idea about the war in Vietnam. Or how things work in the military, but I guess I picked up enough along the way to understand the important stuffs.

And Oh boy, I would gladly read the next book. I. SIMPLY. MUST.