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Ultraviolet (Ultraviolet, #1) - R.J. Anderson Beautiful.


It's weird describing a sci-fi book using that word, but I can't come up with anything that sounds "futuristic" that could perfectly describe it for me. That, or my vocabulary is lacking.

I had a quite high expectation for this book due to my Goodreads timeline. Good thing the book didn't fell short.

Alison is fascinating, extraordinary, amazing, and a teenager. Yes. She may be unique and very very different (in a good way) but she also acts (and thinks) very much like your ordinary teenager. She has flaws, she has doubts about her self, she misjudges other people, she's not sure about a lot of things, she's afraid, she got hurt, she wounded other people, but more importantly she realized what are the negative things about her, accepted it, and tried to learn from it.

Even the way she fell for Sebastian was something most of us could relate too. Though at first I was kinda uncomfortable with the growing attraction between the two of them, my feelings grew warm when the whole truth was revealed.

The book and the whole story was very captivating. It seemed like living in a dream that felt too real. The whole thing wasn't really hard to swallow and it was actually convincing. Even the phenomenons stated in this book sounded very realistic, I am starting to question if such occurrence really happens and that we simply don't know about it.

I'm looking forward to the next book, the story piqued my curiosity. And I'm kinda hoping that Tori would still have even just a little participation on it coz I really liked her personality. Of course, I also hope to see more of Ali and her unique and cool abilities.

Three more things I love about this book:

B is female, and extroverted.
Five is GREEN.
Eleven is INTIMATE.