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Prom and Prejudice

Prom and Prejudice - Elizabeth Eulberg There MIGHT be spoilers ahead.

For the love of Austen.


A conversation between me (Haf) and my alter ego (Twinkle)

Similarities with P&P:
The names.
The names.
The names.
It's like P&P, only modernized.

But hey Haf, what do you expect? This is a spin off. Like duh?! Don't stretch out the similarities because you will (obviously) find TONS. -Twinkle.

Differences with P&P:
Lizzie Bennet is a great PIANO player here.
We've met Mrs. Darcy a.k.a. Claudia Reynolds.
It is the women who are in dire need of a PROM DATE.
Where the hell is Lady de Brough. You know, Mr. Darcy's aunt who played a major role in reuniting the couple?

Actually, there's a lot more difference than the original Jane Austen book. I guess in a way that's good, but I kinda liked the confrontation between Lizzy and Lady Catherine on the original story. So sad it wasn't here.

What else there is to say?
You can say how much you dislike Lizzie Bennet here because she's putting up with all those bullying, although come to think of it, the only time she's been bullied was when it was convenient...i.e., the coat thing. I am not including those incidents that she TOLD us, because we weren't there when it happened. Anyways, if it was the original Lizzie Bennet, I don't think she would tolerate that kind of attitude from anyone.
Seriously Haf, you only notice the "sweet, gooey-filled" scenes. Let me gag first. - Twinkle

Ok Twinks, you've made your point. Let's proceed to Will Darcy. Please?

Aryt! I like Darcy here. So much. Though he isn't as pompous as what Lizzie Bennet wants us to believe. I mean, duh, even a stupid fool as I am immediately recognized that Darcy here is a good person. So, it's either Lizzie Bennet here is sort of blind...or there is bit of lack on the writer's part

Hey T, could you please stop comparing this with Jane Austen's work. That was Jane Austen, for goodness' sake. And come on...it's NOT AS IF you haven't enjoyed reading it because YOU did! Hah! - H

Aye, it was good though. In general, it was a fun read. Actually, any Jane Austen retelling is a fun read for me. I just love that author so much. One thing we have in common is our love for Jane Austen and the classics

There you have it. Too much rambling, but I hope we made our point. :)