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Shallow (Going Under, #2)

Shallow (Going Under, #2) - Georgia Cates
Cute. ^.^


Since I found Gone With The Wind a little bit dragging and very very long, I've decided to read another book along with it. A book with a lighter, uhm, atmosphere.

Shallow isn't the type of book which can change your life. It's something that you pick up when you want to be entertained. It's like watching your favorite soap opera. You always know what the next scene would be yet you still end up watching and enjoying it.

After reading the first book (Going Under) which was a disappointment, I kinda hoped that this one would be better because I honestly liked Payton more than Claire. But I can't say the same for Nick. I get it. He's hot. But Nick and Jessie have a lot of things in common...and one of it is NOT TRYING ENOUGH TO DO THE RIGHT THING. With Jessie, it was NOT finding ways to leave her grandmother. With Nick, it was NOT trying HARD to explain things with Payton. Had Nick persisted, weeks of heartaches and heartbreaks could have been avoided. I think Payton was a smart woman, and if she really loved Nick then I'm sure she would see his sincerity and realize that Nick was telling the truth.

It was instalove for the two of them, but I guess I enjoy reading this type of stories too much I don't care if it isn't something I'd consider happening in real life. Attraction at first sight, yes. Love at first sight, definitely no. Another thing I noticed was that IT WAS TOO CLICHED. Even some of the lines came from popular song lyrics. Which sounded funny to me.

Oh. Anyways, I enjoyed this one more than the first book. Thank god for Payton's smart ass mouth. It was entertaining. I just wish there would be a follow up story for Dane and Dallas. I really liked Dane even from the first book.