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How Not to Be Popular

How Not to Be Popular - Jennifer Ziegler I don't even know how to react.
I genuinely LIKED it.
Though I felt kinda hurt that DORKS and GEEKS are often associated with Losers. I mean, why o why? I don't understand that rule of the universe. I love Geeks, Nerds, and Dorks. They are truly fascinating.

The reason why Maggie didn't want to be popular was because she didn't want to have friends (and a boyfie). Because she doesn't want to get hurt when her family decides to leave.
Why? I know that being popular turns you to being a people-magnet, but does being a nobody translates to a friendless existence? I don't think so.
Having friends, great and true friends, isn't based on popularity but on personality.
Sure, the popular ones attract people, but those with genuine personalities can attract people and KEEP them. I guess that was the reason why Maggie's plan failed.

I don't really know if I liked Maggie, more like, I still can't forgive her for what she did with the Helping Hands club members, for being selfish, for judging people.
Though I know I can't really hate her because I DO understand why she HAD to do those things.

All in all, it was good. I liked Jack along with the whole Helping Hands members. Miles and his crew? Not really.

P.S. I think Maggie is a lucky girl for having Rosie and Les as parents.