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Days of Blood and Starlight - Laini Taylor Needed a whole night to process my emotions after reading this book. I've been dying of anticipation for this book after reading the first of the series, and boy, Laini Taylor haven't disappointed me. From the title, to the book cover, to the content...everything was superb.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone gave us Karou and Akiva's story. The second book showed us the war between the Seraphims and the Chimaeras. I liked it because it also gave us the chance to get to know more about the other characters in the story. In Book 1, I fell in love with Karou and Akiva...in this book, I fell in love with Zuze, Mik, Hazael, Liraz, and Ziri. I even grew warm with the Banshees.

Oh lord, the roller coaster of emotions that I had to go through with this book. The grief, desperation, anguish, frustration, sadness, relief, love, and hope. Always hope. There were a lot of times when I felt that nothing was going right...and then all of a sudden something good happens, and then I'm back to hoping again.

There were a lot of heart-wrenching scenes. There were times while reading that I don't even notice that I'm crying already. Or times when I just have to stop reading and give a little cry-fest moment. Sometimes, I just don't know what hit me. Maybe because the story was beautifully written. Every page was filled with emotion which couldn't help but touch you.

Wow. This sounds so sad. I don't intend it to be like that, but it can't be helped. But there were also some good, and happy parts in the book. Little things. Especially those involving Zuze and Mik. There is so much love between the two it radiates outside the pages. And speaking of couples, I have this feeling that Ziri and Liraz would be an item in the future? I dunno why, weird.

Anyways, I am so looking forward to the next book. Come 2013, be quick.